News / Street / Monday, July 20, 2015


For Inline skaters, there isn't much that can beat touring a country with some of the best skaters in the world, skating some of the best parks of Europe. Luckily, I have the great opportunity to do just that. I landed in Paris on the 13th of May and met with CJ Wellsmore and Anthony Finocchiaro. A few minutes later we were heading for a 7-hour trip to Montpellier to participate in the "FISE".


Montpellier is a very charming city and during the FISE it's also the host of one of the biggest party I've seen in my life. The 2nd day Manon Derrien, Pierre Lelièvre and Antony Pottier joined us to complete the line-up for the tour. I had the chance to comment on the live stream for all the rollerblading events during the festivities. It's a great experience to be part of such a massive event.


CJ Wellsmore managed to get the 4th place during the park contest followed by Pottier in 5th. After those 4 days of intense partying and skating, we took a rest at Hadrien Bastouil's place on the last night and headed to Marseille the next morning.


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Directed by Anthony Finocchiaro
(Extra footage by Pascal Morasse-Raymond)


Pascal Morasse-Raymond


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