News / Freeride / Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WSX 2015 Season ' World Skate Cross Series - Lyon , FRANCE #3

The second 2015 WSX main event was held on September, 18th - 20th in Lyon, France. 40 skaters from France, Italy, Spain and Ireland were competing for the victory. 


Yohan Fort (Fra, #1) stayed unbeaten! Showing the best qualification time (27,187 sec), he won all his races and reached the first step of the podium. Moreover, thanks to his victories of the last two main events, he became a new world number one! Anthony Avella (Fra, #2) finished second in the final. He was the fastest until the semi-final, where he let Yohan win. French skater, Flavien Du Peloux (Fra, #3) showed the second qualification time (27,357 sec) and finished at the third place. Florian Petitcollin (Fra, #7) was third in the qualification (27,772 sec) and the fourth to cross the finish line of the big final.


Women's World Champion of the last two seasons, Mathilde Monneron (Fra, #1), continues to win! She was the fastest in the qualification (30,879 sec) and won all her runs, including the big final! Alice Delfino (Ita, #5) was second after the qualification (31,613 sec) but unfortunately slipped on a ramp in the semi-final and finished on the 5th place. Amandine Condroyer (Fra, #17) showed the third qualification time (32,287 sec) and did her best result so far, getting the second place of the competition! Jessica Billard (Fra, #2) finished third. Another French skater, Maud Oguey (#10) took the fourth place and showed the fourth qualification time (32,815 sec).


French Team "Tarzan & Cheeta", represented by Leandre Mage and Flavien Du Peloux, won the Team Cross race. Frederic Bukowski (Fra) and Warren Digne (Fra), team "Nomades", finished second. Jonathan Duclos (Fra) and Vincèn Guichard (Fra) with their "Los Conos" team took the third place of the Team Cross final.