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WSX - World Skate Cross Series 2013 Highlight step #5 La Plagne / #6 Laussanne & #7 Moscow


WSX Step #5 *La Plagne, France.


Jim De Paoli wins the 5th step of the World Skate Cross Series !

After taking the second place in the qualifications, Jim De Paoli (Sui) made his way to the finals, where he took the best start, while the favorite of the final, the french Thomas Lieurey was fighting to come back on him, but never found the space to pass J.De Paoli who crossed the finish line in first position. On the 3rd position, Bruno Santos (Por) had to fight hardly to pass each run, but finally got his first podium.
It is a first victory for J.De Paoli who will try to win again in Lausanne, the 6th step of the WSX2013.


Second victory for Mathilde Monneron in La Plagne ! Mathilde Monneron (Fra) got her second victory this season in the 5th step of the WSX in La Plagne. She did the best time in the qualifications, 2 seconds in front of Marjorie Phlippoteau (Fra), who took the second place, in a tight final. Lucie Amand (Fra) finished at the 3rd place.


WSX Step #6 **Lausanne, Switzerland.


Kevin Quintin was the fastest!

The french Kevin Quintin won the 6th step of the World Skate Cross Series, held in Lausanne, Switzerland, on a very fast and technical track. Ranked 3rd in the time trials, he won all his runs until the final, crossing the finish line in first position, in front of C.Montavon (Sui), J. De Paoli (Sui), and M.Nörl (Ger). Thanks to this victory, K.Quintin is the new leader of the world ranking, in front of F.Du Peloux (Fra), who took the 7th place in Lausanne.


Mathilde Monneron wins again ! Mathilde Monneron (Fra) sets herself clearly as the "woman to beat" this season. With this new victory in Switzerland, she proved she is strong in all kinds of tracks. J.Billard (Fra) took the second place, and was never in a position to pass her, fighting to keep her place in front of L.Amand (Fra) who finished at the third place.


WSX Step #7 ***Moscow, Russia.


Ilya Sukhenko on the right way. For the second consecutive year, I.Sukhenko (Rus) won the Skate Cross' final in Moscow. Everything went well for him, as he did the best time in the qualifications, and won all his races, showing his domination on this track to the other skaters. A.Avella (Fra) took the 2nd place, for his first participation in Moscow, and F.Du Peloux (Fra) took this time the 3rd place, after finishing 2nd in 2012. Thanks to this victory, and to the fail of the world's leader K.Quintin (13th), I.Sukhenko is up to the 4th place in the ranking, and can still keep his title after the final in Shanghai, in October.


Mathilde Monneron (Fra) almost there. After her victory in Moscow, the world's leader M.Monneron (Fra) has never been so close from the world title, which she should win next month in Shanghai, if she continues to skate like she did in the past races. Only J.Billard (Fra), 3rd in Moscow can still beat her. M.Monneron had to fight harder this time, as the title holder, I.Davydova (Rus) was not far from her, at the second place.