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About Nicolas Colliaux

Nicolas Colliaux, in the Skate cross world's top'

21 years, student of Foreign Languages​​, is ranked fourth in the standings world skatecross, this sport that combines roller speed skating and freestyle.
He started at five years with his first pair of rollers, to skim the sidewalk on the left bank. Rue Saint-Julien Street Elbeuf. "What interested me from the start was to make the figures. But little, I was told I was too young. So I started speed skating and today it serves me well! "


he became an avid skatecross, a discipline born about ten years ago in Europe and trying to reconcile the roller speed skating and freestyle. "The competitions are four and take the form of a race on a course strewn with obstacles." Ramps, chicanes, hairpin turns.


Twelve hours of training"It is a discipline that requires a good technique" recognizes Nicolas Colliaux "but also a real race strategy: we must learn to manage direct all the little details ..."Since this year the skatecross gives rise to a new global competition: the "World Skate Cross Series" organized by the brand of skates which also sponsors SEBA Nicolas Colliaux. "I have been in Marseilles, Rome, London and Shanghai," says the young Rouen, who at 21, is fourth in the world rankings.Encouraged by good results, it intends to continue to move up the ranks following a tight training 12 hours a week, shared "between speed skating and gymnastics and weight training and the skate-park." "But the roller also allows me to travel! "notes Nicolas Colliaux, also a student of foreign languages​​. And if the calls are often quite short, they still leave some free time to visit the country. With the Skate of course.


it was a few days ago in the local newspaper of the city of Rouen and Nicolas was born, he responded to an interview on the subject of Skatecross...


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He then went on to participate in a TV studio for a show on the French channel cable, Ma Chaîne Sport.


At the side of Romain Godenaire, he discussed about the Skate Cross and explain the concept. All this in a good atmosphere, we hope soon to present you the reruns of this show...


We take this opportunity for you to discover new again, the video of Nicolas, by Anthony F.