News / Others / Tuesday, September 09, 2014

SEBA FR Soulplate custom mounting video tutorial

1) Remove the liner and the abrasive pad
2) Take a marker and prepare the soulplate
3) Place the front part of the soulplate in front of the abrasive pad's holes, on the right position, check that the rear part of the soulplate is touching the shell properly, then mark the holes to drill with the marker.
4) Take a drill with a wider size than the size of the mounting screws, and drill on the points marked on 3)
5) Start to mount the soulplate : reinstall the abrasive pad female mounting plate and start to screw a little bit the front part of the soulplate, then place the female mounting screw (with hooks) inside the shell (rear) and start to screw a little bit, then repeat the same procedure with the 2 other mounting points under the shell. Tighten step by step each screw one after the other.
6) To mount the backslide plates, replace the the 2 middle axles (red loctite) by the ones included in the kit (blue loctite), then place the backslide plate on the frame in front of the holes and screw.
7) Replace the liner, and repeat the same procedure for the other skate.