News / Others / Thursday, September 11, 2014

Opening on May, 1st 2014 of the first SEBA Exclusive Shop in the world, in SMP Shanghai, China

The opening ceremony of the first SEBA exclusive shop was held in SMP, the biggest extreme park in the world, on May 1st. Sponsored skater CJ Wellsmore, the winner of the 2014 XGAMES, had the honor of cutting the ribbon together with China representative, Kelvin Koo. The SEBA Exclusive Shop has a fashionable and modern design, with dominant orange and touches of metal and wood for strong contrasts, conveying the SEBA values of innovation, energy and culture. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, followed the first SEBA Street Training Camp in China, coached by CJ Wellsmore, who shared his skills and experience with the attending skaters, in a lively atmosphere. The SEBA Exclusive Shop should become a cornerstone for the Chinese skating atmosphere, a meeting point for all the skaters around China to gather, exchange their skills, create and keep relationships… In the future, the SEBA Exclusive Shop will organize high level street skate events such as WSX Skate Crosses to inject new blood into the street skating world.

Translation & Proofreading: Chloé Seyrès