News / Others / Monday, March 30, 2015


Spring is coming, and soon we will all be able to enjoy skating again under a pleasant weather and flowering trees. To celebrate the arrival of the beautiful days, we release our new video for the FR X and the TriX 2 Women.

Mariana Mercado and Miriam Fatmi enjoyed a nice, sunny and charming ride through the streets of the marvellous city of Madrid, Spain, with the new FR X and TriX 2 Women.

The FR X W and the TriX 2 W are skates specially designed for feminine feet, the shape is thinner and more modern, with touches of pink in the wheels and laces.

The FR X and the TriX 2 Women are versatile, convenient and will suit every of your skating envies: freeride, city-skating, freestyle…

Enjoy skating with the new FR X W and the TriX 2 W skates! The skates are already available in your shops.

Directed & Cut by Anthony Finocchiaro