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Romain LEBOIS, Part + Interview 2011

Romain Lebois, Skaters and member of the French team SEBA 'Here is a short video of him and an interview..

AF: Hi Romain, I think that you haven’t done yet any interview ? Am I wrong?


RL: Correct, I never had the chance to be interviewed yet, this is my first.


AF: So, for your first interview on SN '! We want to discover you ! For those who do not know you, can you tell us how everything started for you on skates :


RL: I started skating at 14, I had fun in the street with my friends, what the routine. And one day someone came to my city to offer me to join a skating club. And that's how I started the slalom.
After I started with Local French competitions, CNRA, where I met Igor Cheremetieff (I was a fan) and he, kind of became my “skating dad”. To make it quick, that's how it all began! especially for nationals and international Battles.


AF: There is a controversy between those who say that skating is above all a "passion", and others who qualify it more as a real "sport". Which one would you say is correct ?


RL: Hmm I think both are true p =


AF: For everyone, Skating has shaped our personality, has made us what we are today. What did skating bring to you ? or how did it change you ?


RL: Skating totally changed me, I met a lot of great people, could build multiple relationships, I visited the globe thanks to skating so I could see a bit how the culture of many countries, how the other skaters ride, finally it has brought me a lot.
The feel really good doing slalom because I can express myself and feel free, it's my passion.


AF: Can you talk a little about your sponsors SEBA, FFRS. Can you develop a bit ?


RL: I am honoured to be sponsored by SEBA skates. it was my main goal to be part of this team and I am also in France team of roller skating.


AF: What is a perfect weekend for you?


RL: a perfect weekend for me is to make a good sessions on Saturday and Sunday and hang out with my friends after


AF: Thank you, Romain ;)