News / Street / Tuesday, September 09, 2014

From 1991 to today, Kevin Quintin Bowl in Marseille'

From 1991 to today, Kevin Quintin Bowl in Marseille. Here is a nice production by the great director Anthelme Bizeul which is also one of the major players in the Amscas Marseille. The video shows us that tells the story of a great Skaters, Kevin QUINTIN member of the team SEBA and also the number one ranking WSX' Rider of excellence and now Dad, it have nothing to prove and is placed in time legend of the sport, sport it transmits to the younger through his work as a sports instructor, Kevin has yet to give the Inline, and we hope he will continue his great career.. good luck. De 1991 à aujourd'hui, Kevin Quintin au Bowl de Marseille. Réalisation : Anthelme Bizeul.2011.