News / Street / Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review of BCSD 2013 with Cj Wellsmore

-Cj, How has the latest prototype of your skate held up throughout your latest competitions?


The skate is coming along great! I'm really happy with how well it has maintained its structure even though it's sample material ! Of course there are still things to improve, however the overall feel for the skate is perfect.


-You managed to get the opportunity to travel to the USA, last minute. how did it turn out in the end?


It all happened so fast, considering i was meant to go home from a massive trip around europe, to then have the opportunity to go to BCSD was great ; even though i was broken and ready for a good rest by the beach in Sydney i couldn't resist to this opportunity ! As it turned out it was definitely worth while ;) The competion was amazing and it was so great to see everyone again ; not to mention the great new friendships i created on the way.


-What was the Competition like and your accommodation?


As expected the competition was incredible ! Everyone involved with putting on this event did such a great job. It's also much more powerful and exciting when there are 1000 inline skaters under the same roof cheering along with you ! It really makes a great senario. With the accommodation, i really couldn't got a better deal. I was hosted by some of the kindest most incredible people I've ever met. Just to make things better they had a skatepark in their loft ! They really made my trip memorable, so thank you so much guys ! You know who you are !


-What's next for CJ Wellsmore?


So I'm now off back to Sydney after a couple of days chilling in Paris. Pretty excited to see my girl and friends again, but it's not long since I go on a tour with 20 of my mates all the way up the coast for a skate trip that will go on for 2 weeks, stopping at all the great skateparks along the way. We also have the master mr Dom West back with us so we will be documenting the whole thing. So keep your eyes peeled to the online documentary of our trip. I'm sure its going to be filled with outrages situations and good quality AUSSIE culture. After that, I'm looking forward to go back to work at "Skater hq", to get some more kids keen on skating. It also won't be long before ill be back out in Europe and the states and hopefully south america to do it all again in Summer. By that stage I'm praying for my skates to be on the shelves so the rest of the world can get to experience the great skate that I've been working on over the last year .


Text & Pictures by Anthony Finocchiaro.