News / Street / Thursday, September 04, 2014

SEBA Street X Brian Long & Danny Beer

Brian & Danny are now officially into the SEBA Street team as Amateur we catch up these guys for few question…

Leon Basin: - Where did you grow up skating ?
-Brian: Washington, DC and Boston
-Danny: St. John's Newfoundland Canada


LB: - When and Where did you guys meet ?
-We met in Vancouver a few summers ago.


LB: - Why did you decide to make a section together?
-We are always skating and hanging out anyways so it didn't take much of a decision to want to make something together. I guess the Seba's were a good motivation to finally make it.


LB: - Where are you right now and what's your plan for the day ?
-Danny: I am back visiting my family at St. John's. Just here at the crib going through some new footage, sippin some great old jumping bean coffee! yucky spring day, so im gonna see what people are saying tonight and head out for a few beers daddys id say.
-Brian: Haha, I'm in my room at my house in Seattle. I have the day off work so I'm about to go out for breakfast with my friends Gavin and Ace. It looks like it might rain so I don't think we'll be skating any today. I've been looking to buy a car so I'll probably go try to test drive a few. Other than that, probably just boring everyday stuff like grocery shopping, eating burritos, playing Tony Hawk, and hanging with the buddies…….. Damn that sounds dumb.


Big thanks to Taylor Ritchie and Carter LeBlanc for helping out with the filming, and Colin Brattey for the titles!


Track 1: Dpeee – Schmeebs
Track2: Culp - Lasergun


Shot in Vancouver/Seattle