News / Freestyle Slalom / Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We are proud to introduce you the freestyle slalom team SEBA Poland 2011 ! Last year Polish freestyle level has grown up very fast, and we decided to support more skaters and make the team bigger and more "official" !

Two women are in the team 2011 :

-Lidia Wardzinska, from Warsaw, 23 Years old, is already in the team for 2 years, and she is the one who motivated many skaters to practice more freestyle slalom in Poland, thanks to her happiness and incredible style !

-Klaudia Hartmanis, from Rzeszow, and 15 years old, is our newcomer, but already winner of many competitions in the country, and able to do amazing tricks !! She will for sure become step by step a serious challenger on the international scene.

On the mens' side, Rafal Rackmann and Krzyzstof Kudyk are the most experienced skaters, as they competed already in the most prestigious international events, and got some victories on the polish series. They both fight daily for the developpment of freestyle in their country and are the creators of the polish slalom series.

-Karol Koronowicz, 23 years old, from Gdansk, is the winner of the Polish Series 2010, he will be fighting to keep his title this year, and also have some results on international events in 2011.

-Michal Sulinowski, 15 years old, from Ketrzyn, is the youngest member of the team, but he is already able to do very nice tricks, and won the final of the latest polish series event in Gdansk. He won the junior category in the 2010 Polish Series, and now is challenging successfully his elders with his best tricks !