News / Freeride / Monday, September 05, 2016

WSX 2016 Season - Imagin Extreme Barcelona, Spain

Feel the ambience of the first 2016 WSX main event, which was held on June 19th, in Barcelona, Spain. More than 40 of the world strongest skaters from 11 different countries were fighting for the first big victory of this season.

The winners, are both French skaters: Florian Petitcollin and Mathilde Monneron. They shared their emotions about the first 3 stars event 2016.  

Enjoy the video and join us for the next step - WSX *** which will take place in Lyon, France, on 25th of September.

Directed by Anthony Finocchiaro

Assistant Camera: Francesco Liscio, Pasquale Copersito, Fraté, Alex Mora & Patricia Dim